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May Peace Prevail Over The Earth
Angel Cuddles and a Quest for Peace

"The secret of life is to have a task, something you devote your entire life to, something you bring everything to, every minute of the day for the rest of your life."

Henry Moore

Angel Cuddle Publishing is proud to play a part in promoting peace and sharing angel cuddles. People from diverse backgrounds can easily share their ideas HERE.

I will be sharing here, and with links to other pages, how I promote peace and what I believe about World Peace. Please come back as this page will always be updating. My mission is to share peace, love and angel cuddles.


I recently purchased a Gold UN peace Certificate of Appreciation for myself, my husband and my seven children.

We printed them off so that we can show our support for world peace.
We used the TF$ virtual peace e-currency to purchase the certificates. You can see my certificate here: and you can learn about The FUTURO peace e-currency and become a benefactor here:

Together, WE can bring about a better world for our children and their children, a world full of peace.

Angel cuddles,



As one of The 6 Musketeers, I am pleased to announce that we have purchased a gold Certificate of Appreciation, to sponsor the PeaceDay.TV United Nations day of peace in September 2010. To find out more, just click on the screenshot of our certificate of peace.

Share these beautiful Native American prayers for peace with your friends.


Let Us Know Peace


Let us know peace.

For as long as the moon shall rise,

For as long as the rivers shall flow,

For as long as the sun will shine,

For as long as the grass shall grow,

Let us know peace.


O Great Spirit of our Ancestors, I raise my pipe to you, to your messengers the four winds, and to Mother Earth who provides for your children. Give us the wisdom to teach our children to love, to respect, and to be kind to each other so that they may grow with peace in mind. Let us learn to share all the good things that you provide for us on this Earth.

UBIEE Elite 1 Team

This is it. Michael Jackson said that it is up to us and if we don’t act now, it won’t be done. That is what we are doing in UBIEE. We are pushing boundaries, just as Michael Jackson did. He remains a great inspiration in my heart for world peace and healing our Planet Earth.

This is it. We are the lights of the world. Michael’s message will go on. His was a message of love, love for our fellow man and for our planet, and love is eternal. Our message is one of love and light. I am a member of the Elite 1 Team and we support the FUTURO-Plan. The Elite 1 Team members are action doers. Together, as one, we are ready to take up any challenge to bring about our UBIEE vision. There is no limit as we combine our efforts in spirit and teamwork, to bring about environmental awareness and peace, and thus, healing for Mother Earth, and for mankind.

 We are making history; we are healing our planet for our precious children and their children. What an adventure!

Click here to download the FUTURO-Plan flyer in pdf format or on the screenshot below:.

For the FUTURO peace petition or to sponsor our peace adventure, please go here . Thank you for your support.

Let's unite to keep the peace flame burning in support of a better, easier, universal quality of life for all on Earth.



Peace, love and environmental solutions go together as a healing package/gift for Mother Earth.

She has given us so much. It is time to return the gifts.

It is an obligation that we all share.

Let me present you our Planet Earth

I have set up a Pritchard family charity vortex in aid of UNICEF.           

This is Bev Maxfield with one of the peace ring wreaths that she makes.

In her own words: "They are pretty but most go for graves to fallen soldiers-sad huh?"

Yes, it is sad. With the FUTURO-Plan World Peace Formula there will be NO fallen soldiers.

I became a WE Partner today.

About We, The World

 The WE Campaign is an initiative of We, The World.

We, The World is a global collaboration of individuals, organizations, coalitions and campaigns to maximize and accelerate social change. With an emphasis on local action/global particiation, We, The World’s programs, initiatives and the WE campaign are designed to be a catalyst for a world that works for all. The goal is to raise awareness and generate a mass movement of action regarding critical societal issues such as violence, poverty and ecological damage.

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